Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond on BBC America

James Bond is the epitome of the dapper man. Daniel Craig plays the latest Bond and many would argue he’s the best. As much as we love Bond, we’ve always wondered, how does someone create this incredibly cool almost superhero-like figure? BBC America has come out with Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond which is an imaginative biography of the Ian Fleming. Fleming (Played by Dominic Cooper) is confident and suave, but he’s a bit too cool, almost like the popular spoiled kid, which Fleming actually was. He was born from a wealthy family and had a habit of drinking excessively and acting reckless. He soon became recruited to help British war efforts during WWII and that is the time when the hero came out or the brat had a license to kill. With just a few episodes in, we’re waiting till this spoiled playboy becomes the spy we love (Or maybe that will never happen). There have been many films/shows about Fleming, and we’re hoping this is the best one yet.

Source: BBC America