Xbox Live GOLD (12-month subscription) – $40


Subscription fees suck. So when a discount shows up for a service we use, we never hesitate. Unlike the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 need a GOLD subscription to XBOX Live just to access other subscription services such as Netflix. It’s awful, but if you’re in Microsoft’s boat, there’s no other option.

Xbox Live GOLD is also good for online gaming and listening to Xbox Music. Normally $60, the Microsoft Store has a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live GOLD for $40; that’s $20 off. Go ahead and use that $20 to buy your lady a dinner. She’ll appreciate it and maybe even give you a pass the next time you just want to play Call of Duty with the fellas instead of snuggling on the sofa.

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(Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement and Dapper Guide is not affiliated with Microsoft in any capacity. We simply believe this is a great deal that’s worth sharing.)