Sans Form Graphic Tees


Graphic tees might not exude maturity at most events, but it does show you have a playful side. When paired with a casual sports jacket or cardigan, a graphic tee can turn any uptight guy into an approachable one. Spring is coming soon and it’s best to get prepared with some nice t-shirts.

From our experience, graphic tees only work when they’re free of branding and from obscure designers. The last thing you want is a T-shirt that another guy has and knows exactly where you got it from. Sans Form is one of those small independent labels that sells products made from 100 percent organic materials. These tees are made from 100 percent fine jersey.

We’re digging Sans Form’s collection of white and black graphic tees with optical illusions. Here are some of our favorite ones. Remember, skip the Pink Floyd shirt next time and do a little digging online. You’ll be surprised at some of the unique designs you can find online.

Price: $35
Source: Sans Form