CB2 6 Hook Gauge Metal Coat Rack


It’s easy to hang up your coat on a chair or to throw it on a sofa, but it’s just as easy to pick up a coat rack. Stand alone racks take up precious floor space and if that’s an issue, go with a coat rack that is mounted on a wall. A mounted coat rack also adds a bit of wall art to your place. A coat rack eliminates clutter and CB2 has a great wall mounted one, the 6 Hook Gauge Metal Coat Rack. This rack can accommodate 6 of more articles of clothing and we’ve found that is plenty for most men. This rack is perfect for nearly everything except blazers or suit jackets as those require hangers to maintain their shape. Made of raw iron and extends nearly three feet, you won’t be giving up much wall space.


Price: $39.95
Source: CB2

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