Google Glass Titanium Collection


Google Glass is still remarkable technology. It’s essentially a smartphone on your face. It has its shortcomings such as weak battery life, lack of apps (developers are just starting to create them) and the fact that it’s still a prototype and isn’t available for consumers to buy yet. The one thing that Google Glass didn’t do was prescription glasses. You could slip them over your glasses or wear contacts to get around the issue, but if you preferred glasses, you were out of luck.

Google heard your cries and announced the Titanium Collection aka prescription Google Glass for Glass Explorers. There are four frames to pick from and they each cost $225 on top of the $1,500 you have to shell out for Google Glass to attach them to, but hey, it’s never cheap to be an early adopter. On top of the $1,725, you’ll need to pay for your own prescription lenses for the frames, which will vary depending on your insurance and where you get them. Google says it’s working closely with select optometrists to tool the lenses so they fit perfectly.

Price: $225 (frame)
Source: Google