Nadir Watch


Every time we go into the MoMA, we’re tempted to buy a minimalist watch from its gift shop. There’s something very attractive about understated wristwatches that lack gaudy ornamentation. While a Braun or a Mondaine are popular minimalist choices, we can’t help but be drawn to the Nadir, a super simple black IP stainless steel watch where its hands are pointed inward, instead of outward. The Nadir was designed by Australian-based Damian Barton and features a watch head with a 40mm diameter and 8.8mm thickness. The included strap is a 20mm black leather band, but it can be swapped out for a silicone one.

If you need some quirk in your straight-laced outfit, you might as well turn this oddball watch into a conversation starter. To see how the seconds arrow hand rotates, check out the site below.

Price: $125
Source: Project Watches