Ace Apps: Numerical


I’ve been ditching Apple’s default suite of iPhone apps slowly over the years. It’s not there is anything wrong with their apps, it’s just that there are better ones out there. Today Ace App: Numerical, a slicker calculator app.

To calculate something you usually press your numbers then you press divide, multiply, minus, or plus and end with pressing the equals button. Numerical’s single biggest question is this: why waste time pressing an equals button? Why not just press your number and then your math operations and it will automatically show you the result?

Well, that’s Numerical. And, there are some handy gestures included as well:

  • Swipe left to undo. Swipe right to redo.
  • Swipe down to start a new question with the current answer.
  • Swipe up to save the current question to the history page.
  • Tap the answer field or current question to copy & paste.

Shaving seconds off your calculations seems silly, but over time they add up. (You could also just learn to do it in your head!) And who has time to waste? Plus, Numerical is downright prettier. The Braun-inspired aesthetic of the default calculator app is really just a whole lot of yuck.

Price: $2.99
Source: iTunes

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