Field Notes: Shelterwood Edition


Sure, you can use a smartphone or tablet to keep all of your notes, but nothing channels your inner creativity like laying all your big ideas out in a notebook. It’s better than sprawling your doodles on napkins at Starbucks. By far the two most popular notebooks are Moleskines and Field Notes. By and large, they’re both great notebooks, and we don’t play favorites with either.

These new Shelterwood Edition Field Notes, however, are now the frontrunner for our attention, though. These covers don’t just look like wood, they’re actually made of wood. The covers are made from super thin American Cherry Wood collected from Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Each notebook has 48 pages and the paper inside is “Finch Fine ‘Soft White’ 70# text stock”, ruled in “Maidenhair Green” and bound with “three sturdy gold staples.”

Good looking notebooks? Yes. Since this is wood we’re talking about, no two notebook covers will look the same. A pack of three costs $9.95.

Price: $9.95
Source: Field Notes