Dyson Cool AM06 Bladeless Desk Fan


Dyson products — fans and vacuums — are notoriously expensive. But that’s because they work as good as they look. Dyson’s Cool fans are our favorite fans because they push out a ton of airflow. The only kicker is that they’re pretty noisy fans, which means sleeping at night with one on is all but impossible.

The new and improved Dyson Cool AM06 Bladeless Desk Fan fixes that noise problem — it’s 75 quieter and comes with a remote control so you can change settings from afar. It also consumers 30 percent less power, too. Like previous Dyson Cool fans, they’re still darn expensive, though.

If you want a larger tower fan, the new AM07 bladeless fan is 60 percent quieter and consomes 10 percent less power. And, finally, if you really want to step into the high-end, you can nab the new AM08 Pedestal bladeless fan with 35 quieter operation and 15 percent less power consumption.

The AM06 is available for $299.99, the AM07 for $399.99 and the AM08 for $449.99.

Price: $299.99
Source: Dyson

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AM07 Tower Fan:


AM08 Pedestal Fan:


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