Kitmen Keung Long Distance 1.0 Silver Edition


Most people confuse minimalist products as having no design. That’s incorrect. Minimalism strikes right at the heart of a product, revealing its purpose with purity. There is no frilly ornamentation to obfuscate shape and form. It’s all laid out there — front and center. Like an Apple product, Kitmen Keung’s Long Distance 1.0 Silver Edition watch is created to showcase the timepiece’s purest form, materials, and finish. In Keung’s own description: “The design was guided by principles at a high level of abstraction which leaves much room for user’s interpretation.”

The Long Distance 1.0 Silver Edition features Argentina Calf Leather, stainless steel, hardened crystal, water resistance and Japanese movement. Keung’s Long Distance 1.0 is also available in a Gold Edition. It’s unisex, too.

Price: $450
Source: Kitmen Keung

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