Style 101: How to pair black and brown shoes with the proper suit color


It goes without saying that every guy should have at least two to three suits (preferably in different shades) in their closet. In addition to an assortment of tailored suits, he should also have some clean shirts, a decent selection of ties/bowties and a sharp watch. But a dapper outfit is not complete without good shoes.

Every guy should also have two pairs of basic shoes on their shoe rack: a black pair and a brown pair — cleaned, shined and ready to match their suit. We understand that not everyone is an expert in color theory. Some guys just have an eye for pairing. Other guys, not so much. (If you’re the type of guy who thinks a black shirt and red tie or red shirt and black tie looks suave, you’re sadly mistaken.)

While it’s not definitive in any way, we’re in agreement with The Effortless Gent’s guide on what color suits/slacks to pair with black and brown shoes. Follow this guide and you can’t go wrong.


Source: The Effortless Gent

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