NOMOS Glashütte Tangente


NOMOS Glashütte makes some of the best budget friendly watches in the game. Their watches are affordable enough for the average guy and also celebrated by watch snobs. In order to purchase a NOMOS timepiece you can stop by a local NOMOS dealer (One in New York) or buy it directly on the NOMOS website. With these two options, you’re paying full price or $1,900 for the entry-level Tangente (Pictured above). This might not scare you, but two grand is a nice chunk of change. We’ve already mentioned Tourneau as a great source for pre-owned watches and another source is Chrono 24. A NOMOS Tangente on Chrono 24 starts at $1,200. At over 30% off retail prices you’re getting a great deal, but if you’re a “new car smell” kinda dude, try a local NOMOS dealer.

The Tangente watch is simplicity at its finest. This watch is stripped down and as functional a watch you’ll ever get. Besides the classic design, you’re paying for the superior workmanship of every piece of this watch from the movement to case. Keep in mind this watch has a manual-winding movement so you’ll have to wind it to get it going, but feel free to take this on your next space trip!

Price: TBD
Source: Chrono 24 and NOMOS

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