Watches for Sale: Tudor


In addition to NOMOS, our favorite watches come from Tudor. Both watch brands are some of the best value in the watch game and their designs are perfect for the dapper man. The little brother of Rolex has been getting tons of love since the brand came back to the U.S. market. Their revamped retro designs have won many awards, and while we like the new designs, the vintage watches are also outstanding and can be purchased at lower prices. Roger Sterling of Mad Men wore a Tudor Tuxedo watch which we just missed out on, but we’ve found two great Tudor watches this week.

1. Tudor “Snowflake” Submariner Watch (Above) Submariners have been popular forever and with just a few days left, we think this will sell for under $2,000. This model has visible serial numbers and snowflake hands. Perfect with a suit or for a marathon race.
Price: Currently $810 with 3 days left
Source: Ebay


2. Tudor “Big Flower” Watch – The feature of this rare watch is the beautiful flower on the dial (Refinished). This watch runs on a manual winding movement and is great for dressy or business casual attire.
Price: Currently $368 with 4 days left
Source: Ebay

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