DV8 Sports Golf Clubs


As avid golfers and New Yorkers, we’ve grown accustomed to the challenge of lugging around our clubs throughout the city. We hate it. Our driver is 46 inches and at nearly 4 feet long, that’s a big nuisance when walking the streets. DV8 Sports has designed space-saving adjustable golf clubs that fit in a backpack. What this means is you have a golf club cut in two pieces that couples together to form your club. For a full set of clubs, you’ll get 14 heads and 2 shafts. Rather than a golf bag, these clubs come with a backpack and tripod stand. This is an innovation in the world of golf and one we couldn’t wait for. DV8 Sports has one of the best validations out there from Rick Smith who has helped some of the best PGA Tour players with their game from Phil Michelson to Jack Nicklaus. It’ll be interesting to see if other brands start coming out with adjustable clubs targeting city dwellers.

Source: Kickstarter