Rose Colored Gaming Custom SNES Game Boy Advance


The Game Boy Advance holds a very special place in my heart. I bought one imported from Malaysia before it was available in U.S. in 2001. I’ve probably burned more AA batteries playing that device when I was a kid to ever remember.

It was a before smartphones, tablets and Sony’s PlayStation Portable. There was no Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr. If you wanted to kill time on the bus or subway, you pulled out your GBA and fired up hits like Mario Kart: Super Circuit or Golden Sun.

Rose Colored Gaming, a company known for its incredible custom retro console paint jobs is back at it and this time they’re blessing a limited run of GBAs with classic Super Famicom and Super Nintendo-themed colors. Just take a look at these pictures and you’ll start gushing over them.

More impressive is that the GBAs also included a backlight that RCG’s modded in so that the screen is as clear and visible as the Game Boy Advance SP. The plastic screen that scratched easily has also been replaced with a scratch-resistant glass one.

Pricing is TBA, but if they’re anything like what RCG’s offered in the past, they’ll hover between $160-$175, which I think is pretty decent for a custom GBA with all of the new bells and whistles listed above. Look for them to come out (and get snapped up really quickly) sometime this month.

Price: TBA
Source: Rose Colored Gaming

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