Sixpoint Brewery RAD


Sixpoint Brewery’s latest summer seasonal addition is a beer out of left field, RAD. We know Sixpoint for their outstanding flavorful ales that are full of hops or unfiltered and perfect. The RAD beer is an entirely different breed of beer, it’s a radlermass (German style “shandy” named for cyclists) or a shandy, which is a combination of a beer and a soda/juice. Leinenkugel makes one of the most popular bottled shandy, Summer Shandy that we adore.

The RAD is a wheat beer with fruit juices (Secret blend). This beer clocks in at only 7 IBUs which is nearly 10 times less bitter than some of the pale ales we’ve reviewed. With the summer season in full swing, RAD is a session beer at 3.2% ABV, which means you can have one or a dozen and you’ll be able to walk home.

After giving this beer a try, we really enjoy the flavor. This beer has tons of fruit and citrus notes, but lacks the wheat beer body we’re looking for. This beer reminds us more of Bud Light’s Lime-a-Rita or Mike’s Hard Lemonade more than a shandy. Shandies are specific (Blame Leinenkugels) beers and any deviation can taste like a wine cooler (Which isn’t a bad thing), but if you’re looking to bridge the gap of a non-beer drinker, this isn’t the beer for them. With that said, we ARE drinking this all summer, so we recommend you give it a try.

Source: Sixpoint Brewery

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