Brew Journal by Kegs and Code Co.


Homebrewing is an adventure and for most people, they bought a Brooklyn Brewshop kit and tried it once, but for those select few, they’re taking it to the next level by building recipes and experimenting. At Dapper Guide, we’re in that class looking to make the jump from a kit to experimenting with our own beers. There are apps and programs to document and catalog recipes that are important, but for beginners a journal might be your best bet. The Brew Journal by Kegs and Code Co. is a beautiful journal with everything you need to document your brew days. The cover is made of PU leather which cuts down on the cost and it still has a professional look. The layout is helpful so you can input your recipe, notes, OG, FG and etc. For those minor issues with hops and ABV, there are conversion charts and even a glassware guide. One of the best features of this journal is that it lays completely flat so it’s not flapping around on your brew day. This Kickstarter project is fully funded and there’s less than a day left to get these journals, so pick one up.

Price: $30 per journal
Source: Kickstarter

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