MUJI Men’s Cotton Sneakers


During any season, fresh kicks are a crucial component of any wardrobe. We’ve had Jack Purcells or Nike IDs for years, but we always keep them looking fresh. If a toothbrush and a bit of water isn’t your idea of having fresh kicks, we’ve got a great affordable all season shoe for you, MUJI’s Cotton Sneakers. MUJI makes some of best “bang for your buck” items from stationary to cotton swabs. We’ve seen their sneakers evolve through the years and each version is a bit more robust, more insole support and usually waivers between Keds or Converse styles. They haven’t gotten it completely right yet, but at $30 you can’t go wrong. The Cotton Sneakers come in four colors and are in european sizes.

Price: $29.95
Source: MUJI

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