Everlane Slim Fit Linen, Oxford, Poplin Shirts


Its Lightweight Bomber Jacket was just the beginning. Everlane is transforming is now a full blown clothier. Next up: shirts.

Everlane’s latest offerings include every shirt type the millennial man should have. Linens for the hot summery weather. Check. Denim shirts? Got them. Oxfords for the business casual work week: Yep. Poplins: of course.

Slim Fit Poplins start at $40 and go up to $55. Oxford, Denim, and Linen shirts go for $55. Sizes run from XS to XL.

Don’t play it safe and just stick with the usual blues, grays and whites. Be wild and go with the pinks. I always do. (They’re manly, but gentle enough to downplay that machismo.)

Price: $40+
Source: Everlane

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