Firestone Easy Jack Summer Session IPA


Session beers are a growing trend in the beer world (And great for this season). We’ve done numerous tastings and debates on which one is the best, but each year we’re seeing more great session styles. For those who don’t know, a Session beer is simply a beer with 3-5% ABV that is light and easy drinking. Some suggest the beer originates from WWI when British munition workers supplied troops with ammo and were allotted “session” breaks of a few hours between shifts. Knowing that they had to return to work, the workers drank light and low ABV beers so they weren’t too drunk and could return to work. Other sources say the term originated from Australia and New Zealand when the bars would shut down at 6pm for the night and you had to get a “session” of drinking in, which sounds like the Australiasn “six o’clock swill”. We’re not sure if anyone really knows the true origins, but session beers are perfect for the warm weather as they’re not high in ABV, less dehydrating and you can have one to a six-pack without being wasted.

The latest session style we’re liking is Firestone Walker’s Easy Jack Summer Session IPA. This recent addition to the “Jack” IPA family is the first session style. One of our all time favorite beers is the Union Jack IPA.  The Easy Jack has a robust and sweet hop profile, and has 4.5% ABV. This smooth IPA differs from other session beers in the smooth creamy mouthfeel. This beer can be described as a sweet, tropical, citrus flavor rather than a hoppy bitterness of the Founders All Day IPA. Without giving too much away, this is a must drink beer this season. Give it a try.

Source: Firestone Walker Brewing Company

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