Roll-Up Blanket by Pendleton


The warm weather means the outdoor season is in full swing and we’re counting on a few more months. Rooftop bars, outdoor parties, running and picnics are the best way to celebrate great weather. If you find yourself hanging out with friends at a park or catching a movie outdoors, it’s important to be prepared. We’ve covered great beers for the park, but everything starts with a blanket. It might sound lame, but it’s more practical than you think. If you’re wearing khakis or jeans and sitting down on grass or dirt, stains are real issue and make for an embarrassing story. For these events, we prefer a wool or microfiber blanket and Pendleton’s Roll-Up Blanket fits the bill. One side is made of wool for padding and comfort, and the other side is made of nylon to repel any moisture from the ground. This blanket comes in multiple different plaid styles, rolls up easily and sports a carry handle. Throw this in your car or in your messenger bag.

Price: $129
Source: Pendleton Wooden Mills

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