Dot & Bo’s Reel Deal Wine Rack


Picking the right wine rack is a tough task as there’s literally tons out there. Whether you’re looking for a wall treatment, a single wine holder or a conversation piece, we start with measuring the amount of available space and then choosing a functional and good-looking rack. Serious collectors keep their wine in temperature controlled dark areas. Changing temperatures and exposure to sunlight can mean a slow death for your favorite bottle of aged grape juice. With that said, a wine rack holds your wine, it does not age it, meaning that wine put on sunlight exposed racks should be served soon.

A wine rack we’re liking is the Reel Deal wine rack from Dot & Bo. They do a great job at curating home pieces. It’s hard not to like this movie themed wine rack that’s made with oversized film reels and gears and holds 6 bottles.

Price: $54.99 (Regularly $69)
Source: Dot & Bo

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