Sorapot by Joey Roth


A cup of tea is quickly becoming commonplace in New York with many starting to prefer tea to coffee. We tend to waiver from tea to coffee on a daily basis, but we can’t forget a good cup of Jasmine tea to finish a meal. Whether we’re using loose leaf or tea bags, or drinking white or black tea, we take drinking tea seriously. Once we’ve got our tea of choice, the challenge lies in the teapot. Teapots come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they range from $20 and up. The best looking one we’ve seen to date is by industrial designer, Joey Roth, the Sorapot.

We’ll start off by saying the Sorapot is stunning and absolutely beautiful, but expensive. At $285, we’re expecting this to be made of adamantium and sapphire crystal. Made of stainless steel and glass, this teapot is a puzzle in itself. At the bottom of the teapot, there is a latch to open it and add in your dry tea, once done, put the teapot back together and pour hot water into the spout and you’re done. Watch this fishbowl teapot brew your tea and pour. This teapot can brew up to 11 oz of liquid and is available online. If tea isn’t your thing, check out Joey Roth’s ceramic speakers.

Price: $285
Source: Joey Roth

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