NOOKRONO Chronograph Watch by Nooka


Established brands tapping crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo is common nowadays. It’s not greed, it’s testing — seeing if there’s a market for products they don’t have full confidence in.

The NOOKRONO is NOOKA’s simplistic take on a chronograph watch. Inspired by space and the 1960s space race between, the NOOKRONO’s dials and face are supposed to evoke the spaceship launchpads.

There will be four editions:

Multi – $250:


Steel – $250:


Night – $500:


Lux – $5,000:


The concept for the watch started in January. If all goes well (they’re already at $8,955 of their $10,000 goal with 60 days left), backers should have their watches on their wrists by December.

Price: $200+
Source: Indiegogo

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