Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury


Companies jump at the chance to call their product the “world’s ____”. The blank is usually filled with: thinnest, fastest, biggest, smallest, etc. Logitech, a huge player in the computer and mobile device accessories market wants you to know it has created the world’s fastest gaming mouse.

The G402 Hyperion Fury is so fast that you probably won’t notice the speed unless you’ve got the precision training of a professional gamer. The ultra-fast gaming mouse can track over 500 IPS (inches per second) with a 240-4000 dpi, has 8 programmable buttons, four on-the-fly DPI settings that can be switched and a 1 millisecond report rate. Logitech says the mouse was designed specifically to meet the demanding performance of FPS gamers.

How does the mouse achieve this? Like so many gadgets these days, the Hyperion Fury has an onboard ARM processor that controls the Fusion Engine software and tracking.

The Tron-looking mouse is ergonomic, too. Gaming is huge nowadays, especially PC gaming. Whether you’re a console gamer looking to get into PC gaming (those Steam sales are always tempting, aren’t they?) or a PC gamer who’s looking to upgrade his gear. The G402 Hyperion Fury sounds like a great choice.

Price: $59.99 (Buy on Amazon)
Source: Logitech

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