Casio G-Shock GBA-400


Smartphone apps like Shazam, voice assistants like Siri and the built-in Firefly feature in the Amazon Fire Phone can all help ID songs, but wouldn’t it be great if your watch could do that too?

Meet the Casio G-Shock GBA-400. The latest connected G-Shock does just that by cheating. The G-Shock GBA-400 sample audio wavelengths, but it needs to send that to the SoundHound app connected on your smartphone in order to process that info. Once the phone’s worked its magic, it relays the song name back to the watch display. A dial on the right side also allows wearers to control music playing on smartphones.

This being a G-Shock, GBA-400 is impact and water-resistant up to 20 ATM.

Look for this partially smart watch to be available on September 19 in Black/Silver, Black/Gold, Blue/Silver and Red/Silver.

Price: ¥23,000 (~$223)
Source: Casio

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