CB2 Beaker Glass Pitcher


Brita may make the best water filters, but they look terrible and are bulky. With wedding season and thus pregnancy season in full swing, we’re forced to look at more than just booze glassware. Some people use water filters attached to the faucet, but we prefer a glass pitcher for water and any other liquid. Glass is easier to clean then plastic and doesn’t wear down.

CB2 makes some great home and kitchen items at affordable prices. Their Beaker Glass Pitcher is a simple cylindrical pitcher that is made of borosilicate (“beaker”) glass and holds 54 oz. of liquid. This can carry anything from water to juice and makes for a functional, space-saving piece for occasion. This pitcher costs under $10, and the downside is this must be hand washed only. New York City has some of the best tap water in the country, so skip the Brita filter and grab this pitcher.

Price: $6.95
Source: CB2

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