Würkin Stiffs’ Box of Schtuff (FREE with $100 Purchase)


Würkin Stiffs makes our favorite collar stays and some great accessories and now they have an intriguing Box of Schtuff. The box is filled with $50 worth of goods at a price of $15. If you purchase $100 or more, the box is free. Inside the box you’ll find one offs, exclusives, prototype and one-of-a-kind items. It’s hard not to pick up this box, so on our latest purchase of collar stays and tie bars we were able to get the FREE Box of Schtuff. The “Free gift with purchase” might have been the closer for our latest purchase at Würkin Stiffs, but the accessories we got were much-needed.


Collar stays have long been part of our arsenal. They keep our collars sharp and looking perfect. We’ve been using these for the past 5 years and haven’t had any complaints with the strength of the magnet. We recommend going with the 2.5″ Power Stays as they fit most shirt collars.


Our other purchase was the Laquered Tie Bar. We went with this bright orange tie bar as it goes well with light-colored attire. A tie, pair of shoes and tie bar brightens up an outfit. We’re excited to replenish our accessories, but we’re more pumped up with the Box of Schtuff.

Price: $15 ($50+ Value)
Source: Würkin Stiffs

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