Moku Woodware Desktop Chair v2


I mostly use my tablet while I’m lounging on the sofa or in bed. But sometimes, I need my tablet to be a second screen or fit into my workflow on my desk while I’m hammering away on my MacBook Air. I currently use a Joule II and love it because of its matching aluminum look and adjustable stand.

For a more earthy look, I suggest taking a look at the Moku Woodware Desktop Chair v2. Although slim-looking, its wood has been layered perpendicularly and hydraulic-hot pressed to be sturdy.

Tablets and large smartphones can be positioned horizontally and vertically; each end has a curled “lip” to keep the device from slipping. The Desktop Chair v2 can also accommodate a MacBook Air or 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display as shown below.

Price: $59.99
Source: BiteMyApple

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