Buster + Punch Light Switches


Light switches are typically boring and useless. The cheap plates you find in Home Depot look ugly and are not durable. If you’re like us, every inch of your shoebox apartment is important and that extends to our light switches. At Buster + Punch they’ve designed industrial style switches that take influences from sound equipment and other areas. These designs are simple and probably something we’d expect to find in Casey Neistat’s DIY studio.


The Buster + Punch light switches come in a variety of finishes and types of switches. You have your choice of: single dimmer, double dimmer, single switch, and double switch. A cheap light switch can run a few bucks, so at a price of $39 and up, these beautiful switches are not cheap. These switches are on pre-order and will be shipping available in September. Matching plug sockets are in the works and will likely come out in the fall.

Price: ~$39.58+
Source: Buster + Punch

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