West Elm Mid-Century Mini Desk


The desk has long been one of the most important pieces in a dapper man’s house. The TV can constantly be replaced as new technology emerges, but the desk is the nucleus of the house. Like all men, we like to make our own furniture, but honestly, we don’t always have the tools, nor the experience. When we shop for a desk, we start with something simple and functional. In most big cities, space is a premium; just as important as is free shipping and taxes which represent a pretty penny. A desk under $1,000 is where we start, and then find exactly what we need in regards to space and design.


At West Elm, their desks are functional, affordable, and space-saving. The Mid-Century Mini Desk is really all we need for an open corner in our place or as the foundation of our workspace. If your workspace needs room for a computer, phone, speakers, and notepads, this desk is all you’ll need. Ikea will save you a few bucks, but this desk is built with much better materials.

Made with FSC wood, you’re being environmentally conscious by utilizing materials that support forest management. Bronze metal fixtures and one spacious drawer is enough for your gear. Once you’ve picked the desk that meets your needs and your apartments space restrictions, the chair becomes crucial Good luck in your pursuit of your perfect workspace.

Price: $399
Source: West Elm

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