Porter Magnetic Bottle Opener by Dropcatch


The Porter Magnetic Bottle Opener by Dropcatch started as a Kickstarter project in the summer of 2013. After becoming fully funded, the bottle openers were produced and a year later, they’re still going strong. Like many bottle openers, this can be mounted on a fridge or on a wall (Wall mounting is preferable), but unlike typical bottle openers there is a magnet that can catch bottle caps. The bottle caps accumulate at the bottle of the opener to become a nifty piece of wall art.


What we like about this bottle opener is that it’s sturdy, handmade in the U.S., and fully functional. There’s two different magnet strengths to choose from, one that can hold 60 bottle caps or 140 bottle caps. Lastly, all bottle openers can be engraved for a small charge. This is by far the best bottle opener we’ve seen with those subtle details the Dapper man needs. Beer lovers need this in their place. As with any engraved items, keep it simple and don’t try to be funny.

Price: $59 (Buy on Amazon)
Source: Dropcatch

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