Xbox One Kinect


Microsoft’s decision to de-bundle the Kinect from the Xbox One was a necessary one to compete with Sony’s $399 PlayStation 4. The Xbox One and PS4 are now both on par in pricing. However, if you still want that Kinect down the road, it’s going to cost you.

This October 7, you’ll be able to pick up a Kinect for Xbox One for $149. That’s $49 more than buying the Xbox One with the Kinect bundled together for $499, which doesn’t add up at all. That’s because the standalone Kinect will come with a copy of Dance Central Spotlight.

Kinect for Xbox One was originally intended to be a core experience to the next-gen game console, acting as system-wide voice control system. That dream now lives on, should you still care about motion controls with a camera that can see your skeleton.

Price: $149.99
Source: Xbox

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