The Oarsmans Ale by Bell’s Brewery

As long as the warm weather is still here, summer is still here. We’re still in Session drinking mode and the best one we’ve had this week is by Bell’s Brewery, the Oarsman Ale. Most Session beers are India Pale Ales, however the Oarsman Ale is a sour mash wheat ale otherwise known as a Berliner Weissbier.

Made with wheat and citrusy hops, the Oarsmans is a perfect alternative to drinkers that do not like bitter beers. While this beer isn’t bitter like Pale Ales, it is refreshingly sour and is a palate cleaners making this a great for food pairings. This beer comes in at 4% ABV which right in the range of most session styles and light beers.

This beer has a clear golden color with a light white head. Aroma is of white bread, lemon, and a bit of malt. Upon first taste, we’re getting a zesty lemon and malty sour taste backed by light to medium body. Give this delicious beer a try.

Source: Bell’s Brewery

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