Hot Art


Technology is all around us. There is no longer a way to escape it unless you go off the grid. BRZ Brands wants to blend unsightly house appliances with art. The Hot Art is a space heater (yes, one of those heaters that warms a room up) disguised as art.

The Hot Art is what is called an infrared heater. Not only is it attractive and customizable (you can use your own photos or illustrations), but it’s extremely energy and cost efficient.

Compared to other infrared heaters, the Hot Art warms up in under 30 seconds versus 2-10 minutes, is 100% directional, and costs 0.15 can hour. It doesn’t produce any carbon monoxide or nitrous oxide or fumes. And its easy to maintain; it doesn’t need fuel, filters or ducts.

Price: TBA
Source: Hot Art

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