Kindle Voyage


The Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader in existence, or so we thought. Amazon’s new Kindle Voyage is its “most advanced e-reader ever.” The 6-inch display is now tack sharp with 300 pixels per inch and the glass screen is “micro-etched” to make glare nonexistent.

Whereas the Kindle Paperwhite had a nice soft backlight for nighttime reading, the Kindle Voyage has an “adaptive front light” that adjusts color temperature based on the lighting you’re in. Furthermore, the left and right bezels also ave “PagePress” — silent haptic feedback buttons for easier page turns. Don’t worry, the display is still a touchscreen, too.

And the Kindle Voyage is only 7.6mm thick and weighs 180 grams for the Wi-Fi only model. Careful you don’t snap it in half in your messenger bag.

The Kindle Voyage is available in four models:

Wi-Fi + Special Offers ($199)
Wi-Fi without Special Offers ($219)
Wi-Fi + 3G with Special Offers ($269)
Wi-Fi + 3G without Special Offers: ($289)

Pre-order them on Amazon in the link below and they’ll arrive by October 21.

Price: $199 (Buy on Amazon)
Source: Amazon

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