10 Best iPhone 6 Cases


We’re not going to lie, the iPhone 6 is a beautifully designed and engineered smartphone, but it’s also slippery as hell. Truth: I dropped my iPhone 6 once already (thankfully no damage), and I don’t plan to let it happen again. Whether the iPhone 6 is too skinny or you just want to personalize or you’re anal about protecting your Apple gadget, there’s a case ready and waiting for you.

Yeah, you can probably just pick up a cheap case from a street vendor or the discount store, but this is Dapper Guide, and we’re all about the best products. We’ve looked at over 70 case designs and picked out 10 of the best that come in a variety of shapes and designs so you don’t have to.


1. Apple Leather Case ($45)

Apple loyalists won’t be satisfied with a third-party case. For you guys, Apple’s official premium leather case, complete with embossed Apple logo on the back, and microfiber lining will be a no-brainer. Available in black, (Product)RED, Midnight Blue, Olive Brown and Soft Pink.


2. Spigen Air Skin ($25)

Just like the iPhone 6, the Spigen Air Skin is slim. At 0.4mm thick, the translucent snap-on case made from matte polycarbonate won’t add any significant heft to the iPhone 6. Every millimeter counts. Available in five colors: soft clear, beige, azalea pink, min and gray.


3. OtterBox Defender Series ($60)

If extreme ruggedness is what you need for your iPhone 6, bulkiness be damned, there’s no other case maker to consider than OtterBox. The Defender is made from triple-layer protection and has a built-in screen protector for shielding scratches and scrapes. A protective membrane blocks dust and dirt from screwing up the TouchID and a belt-clip holster keeps lets you attach it to your hip (dweeby as that is now). Available in 128 different color combinations.


4. Grovemade Walnut & Leather Case ($129)

Grovemade’s made a name for itself with its wood-based products. The Walnut & Leather case is the ultimate wooden iPhone 6 case. Its wooden frame is made from Oregon Claro Walnut and its cover flap is made from vegetable-tanned leather. Not only does the cover protect the iPhone 6’s Retina HD display, but it also doubles as a stand for watching landscape videos.


5. Red Bubble Art Cases ($25+)

Our smartphones are expression of our personalities. What device we choose to use or case we cover it up with can say so much without words. RedBubble is a creative marketplace for artists and designers to sell their work, printed on a variety of products. iPhone 6 snap-on cases, in particular, number in over 700,000 designs. There’s a good chance you’ll something very unique in the shop, but expect to spend a lot of time looking.


6. Hex Icon Wallet($50)

The iPhone 6’s built-in Apple Pay wireless mobile payment system may very well kill credit and debit cards once and for all, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Plastic cards, like cash, will likely still be a popular way of buying things. Guys who prefer stashing their cards and cash with their iPhone should take a closer look at the Hex Icon Wallet.


7. Hard Graft Classic Case (~$113)

Hard Graft is one of my all-time favorite accessory makers. It’s no surprise they’re right there signature veggie-tanned full grain Italian leather and 100% water resistant wool felt. The cases, or sleeves (technically) are made in Europe, too. The sleeves also have pockets for credit cards, cash or subway passes.


8. Speck CandyShell Card Case ($40)

Cases with a cover and an elastic band, like the aforementioned Hex Icon Wallet aren’t for everyone. Speck’s CandyShell cases are a popular case known for their toughness. The Speck CandyShell Card Case is still military-tough (they tested it!) thanks to its impact-resistant exterior and shock-absorbent lining, but this one adds in the functionality of storing three credit card and some cash. Available in black, white and pink.


9. Incipio Feather Shine ($30)

Putting a plastic case covers up your beautiful aluminum iPhone 6. While we’ve yet to see any first-class metal cases (it’s still early days), the Incipio Feather Shine is the best faux metal case we’ve come across. The snap-on case’s frame is made from strong ABS polymer with a brushed aluminum aesthetic. It looks and feels the part, and nobody will be able to tell the difference from afar.


10. CalypsoCase Cabrio($149)

Apple’s leather cases are nice and affordable, but if fine premium Italian leather, handcrafted in Europe is something you’re willing to pay for, the CalypsoCase Cabrio has your name on it. This case isn’t just good-looking, it’s also limited to 500 cases — each case comes with its own serial number. Available in four colors: Zurich Night, Paris Glory, Sydney Morning, and Atlanta Mist.

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