Sony SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones


Before Apple brought Braun-inspired iPods and iPhones to the world, Sony was the king of electronics – cassette players, TVs, headphones — you name it. Samsung may be world’s largest electronics company in the world, but it’s Sony that’s making a comeback with pure design that pleases.

Take the new Sony SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones, they’re all sex with a retro appeal. Thin, sleek, and wireless, the SBH60 includes volume up/down buttons, play/pause buttons, previous/next buttons a button to answer/reject calls. It has a built-in acoustical mic the battery life is good for 13 hours of music listening time and talk time.

When the battery’s low, you can use the 3.5mm cable and hook it up to your audio source, and it’ll work like regular headphones.

Price: $70
Source: Sony