Mizuno Footwear & Apparel Sale on ACTIVE GearUp


Running is great for your body, it gets you healthier and happier. Whether you’re running marathons or 30 minutes a week, you will feel better and live longer. Once you make the decision to start running, the next step is choosing the right shoes. Nike Free Runs are great for some, but the level of support they offer won’t cut it for most runners. Mizuno shoes are a top pick by runners and their shoes have an emphasis on stability and comfort.


Mizuno’s signature Wave plate technology is a plastic plate that runs through the midsole of each shoe. The plate can be seen in the heel of the shoe in the shape of a wave. The plate absorbs impact and disperses the force throughout the length of the plate. This technology differs from Asics Gel or Nike Air as it’s a stable plate that acts as a shock absorber. In addition to the Wave plate technology, Mizuno shoes (2013 and newer) utilize U4ic foam (Pronounced “Euphoric”) which is 30% lighter than the previous AP+ foam and has a responsive feel.


ACTIVE GearUp is currently offering a sale on Mizuno footwear and apparel of up to 59% off. Shoes start at $44.95 and apparel starts at $13.95. There are about 30 different Wave models and colors to choose from. We’re currently sporting the lightweight Wave Sayonara (Above) for uptempo runs and race day.

Price: $44.95+
Source: ACTIVE GearUp

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