Kendal & Hyde Belt


Belts are vital to us, we’ve covered many over the years, because they are that important to us. They serve many functions from holding up our pants to adding the finishing touches on our outfit. It comes as no surprise that we’re featuring the latest and greatest belt project from Kickstarter by Kendal & Hyde.

Kendal & Hyde is using a simple formula to produce a belt that lasts a lifetime, use quality, thick “belting leather” and the best hardware you can find. It’s important to note that “belting leather” is meant for belts for machinery, not to hold up your pants. This type of leather is extremely durable and Kendal & Hyde has noted this is overkill for belts.

The belt is made from vegetable-tanned full-grain leather and is 2 times the thickness of most belts in the market. An average belt is made of 5-6 oz. leather, a better belt is made of 7-8 oz., but a Kendal & Hyde belt is made of 10 oz. leather.

The hardware used in the belts are roller buckles because the roller reduces the rubbing on the leather. To hold the buckles together, Kendal & Hyde chose Chicago screws which are stronger than quick rivets and are removable.

Kendal & Hyde are leather experts and we wouldn’t be surprised if their belts outlast you. They’ve set out for a $10,000 goal, and with 19 days left, they’re well on their way to $100,000. For $60 you can grab a belt of your own.

Price: $60+
Source: Kickstarter

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