Carry-On Cocktail Kit by W&P Design


Having a proper cocktail is essential for any trip. Some will contest that they need a cocktail upon takeoff and as luck would have it, W&P Design has them covered with the Carry-On Cocktail Kit. The kit contains enough ingredients and barware to make two proper Old Fashioned cocktails. Order some bourbon and in the kit, you’ll find a custom bar spoon, sugar and small-batch bitters to complete your Old Fashioned cocktail.

We’ve had our adventures with boozing it up on the plane and while we absolutely love the Carry-On Cocktail Kit by W&P Design, we also start with a whisky soda, wine or beer. The Dapper man is prepared for all occasions and if you’re a frequent flyer, the Carry-On Cocktail Kit is a great choice.

Price: $24
Source: W&P Design

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