Keytags by Various Projects


I saw these keychains at the Ace Hotel gift shop a few months back. Keytags are simple keychain tags with words or phrases printed on them. They’re quite hilarious. Imagine carrying one with “NASA” or “TARDIS” on it. Nerdy, geeky, and fun. The crass ones like “FUCKWITS” and “JE DON’T GIVE A FUCK” are even more funny. I’m cracking up right now.

You can also get your own custom text printed on a Keytag.

Despite my affinity for keeping things simple, my keys actually have a variety of keychains (small ones) attached to them. This might sound dorky, but the few keychains I have remind me of certain people and places. Every time I take my keys out and lock and unlock the door, these little trinkets push me forward to keep on going.

Great for a stocking stuffer, if you haven’t already done all of your real gift shopping yet.

Price: $15
Source: Various Projects