Kent Wang Sunglasses


It will come as no surprise that we’re featuring another pair of sunglasses similar in design to Wayfarers and Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses. While you might be asking yourself why we continue to write about similar styled frames, our answer is that they look damn good and they’re affordable. There has not been much innovation in the men’s sunglasses market, and there has actually been a retro movement from brands like Persol and Ray-Ban.

Kent Wang is a men’s clothing line run by two people that produces high quality clothing at reasonable prices. They carry everything from outerwear to shoes and their prices are similar to J. Crew and Banana Republic. Their sunglasses are actually an incredible deal at $55. Their sunglasses are rounded wayfarer-type frames with a keyhole bridge. These sunglasses come in black and brown tortoiseshell.


You’ll notice that this style is widely available at Ray-Ban and Banana Republic, but at Kent Wang, these sunglasses are a fraction of the cost. You might wonder why these are so cheap, and honestly it’s tough to say. When you compare Ray-Ban and Banana Republic frames that look similar, they both say that the sunglasses are made of either nylon or plastic and that their lenses have UV protection. Same story at Kent Wang. The frames at Kent Wang’s are made of similar materials (Cellulose Acetate is an affordable plastic material that is often blended with nylon) and the lenses are Mazzucchelli CR-39 non-polarized lenses that have 100% UV 400 protection. We know the details matter, but frankly you won’t notice a huge difference in the fit and feel of a $120 pair versus Kent Wang’s $55 pair.

Price: $55
Source: Kent Wang

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