Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Compact Vest


The winter season is upon us and it doesn’t feel like it’ll let up anytime soon. I for one have been usually under the mindset that a warm jacket is all you need. Want to go to the gym? Just throw on your coat. Want to grab a drink? Your regular outfit and a jacket will do. Well, this season has been bone chilling cold and no longer are sweaters, gloves, and hats an option, but a necessity.

If you’re going to layer, you have to do it smartly and efficiently. One way, we’ve been getting through the winter is through a trusty thin down jacket or vest. These items are incredibly lightweight, can layer easily and are warm. Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Compact Vest is a solid layer option. This vest is made of nylon, down, and polyester. Made to be very light, and foldable into a little pouch, this vest mirrors many quality down vests in the category. This vest runs $49.90 and is available in six colors.


This vest looks a bit like something SWAT would wear in a hostage showdown, but when coupled with your standard business attire and a winter coat, it brings a modern, yet rugged look. When you’re wearing a collared dress shirt, a vest with a collar, and your winter coat, your layers are competing for neck coverage and can look off. When your vest keeps you warm, and doesn’t get in the way of your shirt or jacket collar, you have a great layer. Just imagine if your shirt, vest and jacket had varying lengths, things could get ugly.

Price: $49.90
Source: Uniqlo

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