The Shrine Sneaker Duffel


Shoes are a big part of my wardrobe arsenal. They’re that essential piece that brings your style to life. I would put my shoes at the top of must-have clothing items. Your jacket, sweater, shirt, belt, pants, socks, and watch are important, but a good pair of kicks is a must.

We have shoes for every occasion, whether trudging through the snow, outdoor drinking sessions or a black tie dinner. When on our travels, we always have a tough time packing our shoes. Whether they’re sneakers or an extra casual pair. If you put them in your suitcase or duffel bag, they fit awkwardly and can get ruined. Enter the Shrine Sneaker Duffel, a bag that is made to hold multiple pairs of shoes. Sneakers to be exact, but based on the size of the pocket, these can fit any shoes you desire.


This duffel is roomy and can hold two pairs of kicks (Up to size 20) on opposite ends of the bag, and also has a large middle compartment for additional storage. Under the middle compartment’s lid is a mesh pocket for small items and next to it, is a dedicated watch pocket.

This duffel comes in charcoal herringbone accent fabric for the middle compartment and matte black finished, weather-resistant side sneaker compartments. This duffel uses YKK Vislon zippers on the shoe compartments. There is also a rear zippered pocket that fits a tablet, and a velcro pocket on the opposite side for a phone and passport. There are top and side carry handles and a comfy detachable shoulder strap with a padded jersey shoulder pad.


Made to airline carry-on specs, this bag comes in handy when transporting multiple pairs of shoes. For those guys that need two pairs of shoes, including the ones they’re wearing for every three outfits (The Shrine says the middle compartment can hold three outfits and a toilet bag), this bag is will come in handy.

Price: $185
Source: The Shrine

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