L.G.R Reunion Flap Sunglasses


On a trip to Eritrea, Luca Gnecci Ruscone of L.G.R wandered around his grandfather’s old warehouse of Italian imports and discovered a pair of vintage sunglasses. This discovery evoked a romanticism of a past era. With that discovery, he created L.G.R and went to the original artisans to create a line of eyewear that embodied this elegance.

The Reunion Flap sunglasses with leather flaps covering the sides is a style we don’t see often and is typically used by motorcyclists. These sunglasses are a nice change-up from the standard Aviator and Wayfarer styles this summer. The leather sides shield the sun and also any unwanted distractions in your periphery.


The Flat Green G15 lenses as described by L.G.R, were developed in the 1950’s for pilots in order to offer them the most neutral color vision possible. The lenses were initially grey, but modified to green to contrast with the color of the sky. This color tint is the most practical and functional, and most importantly perfect for classic sunglasses.

The Reunion Flap sunglasses come in a variety of frames and if you’re not sold on the green tint lenses, there are other options. The leather flaps are aesthetically and textural pleasing, but we’re not sure if these glasses will be functional when riding a motorcycle (Cutting out the wind). These glasses are handmade in Italy and are available from L.G.R directly and we also saw them on Mr. Porter.

Price: ~$372
Source: L.G.R

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