Oskar Blues’ Hotbox Roasters


Oskar Blues Brewery is one of the biggest, best, and all-around great craft brewery in existence. Many credit them as canning the first craft beer with their release of Dale’s Pale Ale in 2002. While skeptics and supporters have argued over the canning claim, Oskar Blues Brewery was the tipping point for canned craft beers.

Oskar Blues Brewery has always been known for pushing their beers over the edge and creating flavors that are intense, refreshing, and unique. In 2013, Esquire TV’s show Brew Dogs brought UK Brewery, BrewDog to Colorado to collaborate with Oskar Blues Brewery and they created Shipwrecked which is a big cactus-infused barley wine that comes in at 10.5% ABV. This beer was inspired by Colorado’s mountainous skies and was brewed using solar-power.


It comes as no surprise that they would produce a coffee brand, Hotbox Roasters. Well, a bit. As a side note, breweries have started to make different products from sodas to liquors. As of last month, Hotbox Roasters released three flavors, a light-medium, medium, and medium-dark roast coffee. Their light-medium roast, Bolivia Newtown John comes from the Caranavi region, and has a light chocolate and fruit forward flavor. Their medium roast, Frank Sumatra is processed by the system “Gilling Basah” (Wet hulling), and has a characteristically bluish color along with a creamy, citric woody taste. And lastly is the medium-dark roast, Kenya Dig It that is packed full of caffeine and is described as having a sweet lemon kush flavor followed by a chocolate finish.

All coffee produced by Hotbox Roasters come in a 12 oz. resealable aluminum can. These beans come whole and can easily be ground up in a blender, by mortar and pestle or any other grinding method you’ve adopted. Subscriptions are available from weekly to monthly.

Price: $16+
Source: Hotbox Roasters

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