Rebuild Pommes Frites (New York)


Pommes Frites is a New York staple and for nearly 20 years, they’ve been serving some of the most exciting frites and dipping sauces. This Belgium inspired restaurant makes just one great thing, frites along with many different dipping sauces. Some of my favorite flavors are: sweet mango chutney, wasabi, and the poutine was ridiculously delicious. This place wasn’t just a drunken haunt, but a destination to go at any and all times.


Earlier this year an explosion shook East Village and left a block of residential and commercial buildings in rubble. It was terrible, people were hurt, homes were lost, businesses destroyed and a community was at a loss. The New York institutions that stood on that block are gone and to rebuild is a tremendous undertaking.

The rebuilding process for Pommes Frites has started and they WILL reopen in the West Village near Washington Square Park. But they need help and have started a campaign on Indiegogo to raise money to help the rebuilding process (This campaign is aimed at funding the equipment). The goal of the campaign is $64,000 and after 9 days, they’ve raised close to $13,000. If you’re interested in helping Pommes Frites, all you have to do is chose your contribution amount on Indiegogo, enter your payment info and you’re set. Also, for most donations, you’ll be essentially pre-paying for future orders.


Restaurants like Pommes Frites are why New York has such a strong food scene. These restaurants are the foundation and what keeps attracting people. And don’t forget, your contribution is getting you some frites!

Source: Indiegogo

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