100 Years of Men’s Fashion in 3 Minutes

A few days ago, Mode came out with a video on “100 Years” of Men’s Fashion. This video goes over every decades major fashion trend. I gotta say that us gents had some great taste, minus some really horrible years. 1970-2000’s make the top list of bad years that saw most notably mullets, perms, baggy pants, and graphic tees.

What’s interesting is that the 20’s, 30’s, and 50’s trends are still fairly relevant to this day. Wingtips, Homburg or Fedora hats, leather jackets can be seen by men now, but in just a big different style/color and fit. The evolution in menswear in the past century has been pretty amazing to see in this video. Consider watching this video as 3 minutes well-spent. Check it out HERE.

Source: Mode.com

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