What We Ate: Saturday


At Dapper Guide, we live to eat. We also imbibe a bit here and there. It was a natural progression for us to try our hand at cooking and pairing dishes. On Saturday, we made a trip to Union Square’s Greenmarket to pick up the latest seasonal foods. We saw delicious cherries, berries, corn, cheese, wine, bread, and more. We picked up basil, garlic, watermelon, zucchini flowers, and plums. After picking up the local vegetables, we made a quick stop at Good Beer in the East Village of Manhattan for beer pairings. The beers were matched with flavors from each dish, from salty to earthy.


We started off the night with a watermelon slush. In this slush we used a seedless watermelon, fresh lime juice, and a slice of ginger. This was a great refreshing start to the night and actually worked as a palette cleanser the whole way through. The watermelon is the star of this drink and the lime and ginger give this drink an extra kick.


First Course – Zucchini flowers and corn were looking great at the market and we went with those to start. We prepared zucchini fritters that used a light batter and fried them in olive oil. When corn is in season, there really isn’t much you should do, so we did a quick steam. The beer that we paired this dish with was the Down to Earth session IPA from 21st Amendment Brewery. The beer pairing was a bit more bitter than we liked, but the flavors complemented each other well.


Second Course – The summer calls for a light and herb forward dish and we went with a pesto pasta dish. The pesto was the standard recipe of: basil, parmesan, pecorino, garlic, salt, and pine nuts. The pasta we chose was a penne rigate from Rafetto’s who makes some of the best pasta in the city. Since this dish has a strong basil and garlic flavor, we went with the Fresh Cut by Peak Organic Brewery which highlights the freshest of hops without being too overpowering. In hindsight, we’d swap the first and second course beers as the Down to Earth was a bit more bitter and complemented the pesto better.


Third Course – A meal without an asian flair wouldn’t be a meal, and we wanted a meat dish to build on the pesto flavors. With that in mind, we went with Adobo pork ribs. For this dish we cooked the ribs like you normally cook chicken or pork adobo, boiled and simmered and then changed gears to a boil and bake ribs technique. We took the ribs off the heat and reduced the sauce down to a glaze. Once we had a thick glaze, we lathered up the ribs and baked them until there was a bit of a crunch. The beer that was paired with this dish was the Blast from Brooklyn Brewery which was a huge double IPA. The vinegar forward ribs complemented the strong bitter beer well.


Fourth Course – We need to finish the meal with something light to cleanse the palette and picked a medley of fruits. Raspberries and a variety of plums rounded out the last dish. The flavors from these fruits were more on the tart side and we chose to pair this dish with The Kimmie, The Yink, & The Holy Gose from Anderson Valley Brewing Company. If the fruits were much sweeter, we’d gone with a less sour and tart beer.

We built this menu off of the latest offerings at Union Square Greenmarket. Not going to lie, there were some hits, and some misses. The progression of IPAs was a bit much and at times the bitterness of the IPAs overpowered the dishes. It’s fun to pair dishes with beers, but it takes a bit of trial and error. For each pairing we were matching flavors without giving a double dose of the same flavor. Check back in to find the other things we’re eating!

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